Dew India


DEW manufactures concentrated multipurpose wetting agent, contains a blend of bio-degradable, non-ionic surfactants and an emulsified silicone type anti-foam preparation.

DEW was designed primarily for use with agricultural chemicals applied from a water base spray, including wettable powders, water soluble mixtures and oil-in-water concentrates. When used in agrichemicals the wetting action is a result of the reduction of surface tension in the solution. This action provides uniform wetting and coverage. When used in herbicide solution DEW assures superior weed control while practically eliminating foaming and incompatibility problems in the spraying system.

Years of testing, research and development by many experimental agencies and universities on non-ionic surfactants with herbicides support the numerous benefits of DEW doing more than reducing surface tension.

DEW Wetting Agent Benefits:

  • Improves coverage of the spray both in the soil and on plant surfaces
  • Herbicide or insecticide retention on plant surfaces can be increased… extending control and contact
  • Assists in suspension of wettable powder preparations for even distribution throughout the solution
  • Helps reduce excess water in root zone by allowing deeper penetration. Reduce evaporation
  • Enhances leaf cuticle permeability, increasing rate of penetration of herbicide through the leaf especially in dry weather
  • Helps condition liquid nitrogen fertilizers to accept pesticide formulations
  • Virtually eliminates foaming problems in the tank
  • Helps reduce erosion and retention of valuable top soil
  • Moisture is more readily absorbed into the soil with deeper penetration, less runoff
  • Keeps sprayer clean, lubricates pump and sprayer nozzles
  • Superior root development may be realized do to greater moisture a vailability in the root zone
  • Mixes completely in seconds

Ideal for use in these applications, and more!

  • Liquid Fertilizers
  • Defoliant Sprays
  • Herbicide Sprays
  • Pesticide Sprays
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Dust Inhibitors

Bio-degradable, Non Ionic, Non Toxic, Non Flammable and Contains No Phosphates