Dew India

Pour Point Depressants

Introducing DEW Pour Point Depressants: Enhancing Oil Production Efficiency

Wax deposition in oil production systems can lead to significant loss of production and costly pipeline clogs. DEW’s Pour Point Depressants (PPDs) offer innovative solutions to address these challenges while improving flow and preventing deposition.

Key Benefits of DEW PPDs:

  1. Deposition Prevention: Our PPDs effectively prevent wax deposition, ensuring uninterrupted flow and preventing costly production disruptions.
  2. Scale Removal: In addition to preventing deposition, DEW PPDs aid in the removal of scale buildup, optimizing production efficiency.
  3. Flow Improvement: By inhibiting the growth of wax matrices, our PPDs enhance flow behavior and lower pour points, enabling oil to be pumped below its normal pour point.
  4. Deposit Dispersion: DEW PPDs disperse deposits, further enhancing flow and preventing pipeline blockages.


The DEWCHEM range features specialized polymer compounds designed for use with waxy crude. These compounds act as wax crystal modifiers, preventing the growth of interlocking wax crystals and facilitating efficient pumping of oil. Manufactured in-house with state-of-the-art facilities, DEW PPD chemicals are soluble in crude oil and common aromatic solvents, ensuring compatibility and effectiveness.

DEW’s Approach to PPD Development:

  • Unique Molecular Structure: Our PPDs feature a unique molecular structure designed to provide nucleation sites for wax crystals while inhibiting excessive growth, ensuring optimal flow performance.
  • Tailored Formulations: DEW develops tailored formulations of PPDs by modifying polymers based on specific application needs, including variations in alkyl groups, molecular weights, solvents, and co-polymers with synergistic co-monomers.
  • Performance Testing: Rigorous testing, including viscosimetry and flow simulation in test loops, ensures the selection of the most effective PPD for each application, considering factors such as wax content, wax nature, and the presence of asphaltenes and resins.


DEW’s commitment to innovation, expertise, and responsive support capabilities ensures that our PPDs provide the best possible oil-treating solutions globally. With DEW PPDs, enhance oil production efficiency and minimize costly disruptions caused by wax deposition.