Dew India


Innovative and Cost-effective Solutions combining advanced Chemicals Wax in oil is subject to solidification or gelling and deposition in oil production systems. This brings loss of production, and in the worst cases, clogs up pipes. Dew offers the oil industry a wide range of innovative PPD, which

  • prevent deposition
  • remove scale
  • improve flow
  • disperse deposits

PPD’s are structured so that part of the molecule is like paraffin wax crystals, which acts by providing nucleation sites and co-crystallisation with the waxes.

The other part of the structure is dissimilar to the wax crystals and blocks the extensive growth of wax matrices. The effect is a better flow behavior and a depression of the pour point. Viscosimetry and flow simulation in test loops are performed by us to design the appropriate pour point depressant.

Dew PPD chemicals has been designed by scientists to provide the best possible oil-treating solutions worldwide, which combine innovative molecules, extensive expertise, and highly reactive support capabilities.

The DEWCHEM range is a range of special polymer compounds developed for use with waxy crude and acts as a wax crystal modifier. It prevents the growth of inter-locking wax crystals and enables oil to be pumped below its normal pour point. It is soluble in crude oil and common aromatic solvents. It has no adverse effect on the quality of resultant distillate and residues. These are being manufactured in-house with dedicated state of art manufacturing facilities.

DEW manufactures different kinds of pour point depressants. Using in-house technology DEW is able to modify polymers depending upon needs. For various applications DEW developed different varieties, by varying alkyl groups, combinations of acrylate & methacrylate back bone, different molecular weights, varying solvents, co-polymers with synergistic co-monomers, derivatives with amine compounds, formulation of two separately prepared polymers as so on. DEW has also developed some surfactants, which can be formulated with pour point depressants in order to combat Asphaltenes presents in crude oil.

Performance of PPD depends upon the wax content and nature of wax present and also on the presence of asphaltenes & resins. Hence for a particular oil one has to conduct a bottle test on the field with variety of chemicals before suggesting a specific chemical & dosage depending upon the specific requirements of the field. DEW has been a consistent supplier of different grades of PPD Globally.