Dew India

Boiler Program

At Dew, we not only understand boiler water treatment solutions, based on this we provide sustainable solutions that help reduce water and energy costs and deliver faster returns.

STEAMPLANTM Treatment Program.

No matter your needs, we have solutions for a variety of boiler water treatment applications. From alkalinity builders to multifunctional formulas, we provide custom programs backed by technical expertise and superior service and support.

Boiler Water Treatment Programs:

  • Deposit Controller / Antiscalant
  • Oxygen scavengers
  • Alkalinity builders
  • Condensate treatments
  • One Drum Treat (ODT)
  • All Volatile Treatment

On-site Assessments

When we begin your boiler water treatment program, we provide on-site audits for your entire steam generating process to uncover operational deficiencies due to poor boiler water management practices.

Advanced Treatment Technology

Helping optimize your boiler water management means we implement innovative treatment products with monitoring and control equipment that minimize the potential for scale and corrosion throughout the process. Our specialists help improve overall operations and efficiency with on-going operator training.


  • Remove scale and corrosion from the makeup water.
  • Eliminate deposits
  • Extend life and ensure efficient operation with cleaning and conditioning.
  • Save water with higher cycles of concentration.

Conditioning Chemicals

  • Extend equipment life by inhibiting corrosion pitting and passivating metal.
  • Reduce energy use by preventing scaling of pre-boiler equipment and optimized operation of deaeration equipment.
  • Maintain energy efficiency by inhibiting scale formation.
  • Extend boiler life by preventing corrosion.
  • Restore efficiency with online removal of scale and deposits.

Steam Line Protection

  • Maintain system integrity by preventing carbonic acid corrosion.
  • Customized protection with multifunctional blends including neutralizers and filming amines.

Monitor & Control

  • Proactive service with DewTrackTM service management tool.
  • Automatically control cycles of concentration and product dosage with DewTrackTM controller.
  • Maintain program results with regularly scheduled service visits.
  • Ensure efficient operations with Continuous Improvement Audits.

Equipment Protection

From removing scale and corrosion to ensuring quality control, Dew’s boiler water treatment systems cover your operations from feedwater to effluent including pretreatment, conditioning, internal treatment, steam and condensate line conditioning, monitoring and control.

For any type of operation, prolonging equipment life and increasing cost savings are top priorities. That’s why Dew’s comprehensive boiler water program helps prevent corrosion and scale throughout your entire operation, while resulting in capital savings from long equipment life and reduced water and energy expenditures.

Sustainable Solutions.

By maximizing cycles of concentration in your boiler and cooling systems, reducing boiler energy use and employing heat exchange systems, we can help minimize your energy and water usage that equates to a faster returns.


Production and utility equipment are expensive. And scheduled maintenance and emergency repairs can add up quickly. Offering scale and corrosion prevention, and options for our DewTrackTM data management system, Dew’s boiler water treatment programs help protect your assets