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Businesses are always looking for new venues to improve outsourcing may be one way to achieve that goal. Outsourcing allows for select business activities to be managed by an external resource with specific expertise, thus allowing a company to better focus on its core business. This resource can help improve efficiencies, reduce operational costs, and better manage risk, while offering service guarantees. In these cash constrained times, the same outside resource can also be responsible for the capital expenditure.

How does industrial water management fit into this overall outsourcing picture? Water and wastewater treatment systems typically are non-revenue generating, non-core assets for most companies. Personnel layoffs over the last several years typically have left only a skeletal staff to manage water and wastewater systems, usually resulting in less efficiency. Without adequate resources, the job of collecting and managing data has also become secondary. Unfortunately, investment is often routed to more revenue generating activities leaving little remaining for equipment upgrades and enhanced operations. Operations suffer and costs can soar over time. Sound familiar? These can be compelling reasons when considering outsourcing as a business option.

In essence, when water systems are not operating properly, there is a definite opportunity to turn water management into a clear business advantage. Outsourcing can provide this venue, which is why more industries are moving in this direction.

When outsourcing of water systems becomes an option, companies should consider design and construction, plant upgrades, operations and maintenance, and equipment and technical support services. Further considerations include the process water supply, water treatment reuse and recycling, process chemicals, waste management and project financing. The final decision is ultimately dependent on the site’s specific needs and on the water systems under consideration.

Our outsourcing model gives you, the client, control over the decision, true partnership with the outsourcer, risk sharing and provides accountability that guarantees equal or greater system reliability at lower cost.

Is your organization profit driven?

  • Does your outsourcing project have support at the highest level of management?
  • Do you know what your primary objectives are for outsourcing?
  • Do you know what data you need and how you will make the decision to outsource?
  • Do you know exactly which assets you want to outsource?
    Are there any strong external or internal forces driving your outsourcing project (e.g. environmental compliance issues, financial needs, site expansion)?
  • Have you budgeted for the feasibility study?
  • Have you identified the obstacles to outsourcing?
  • Have you considered the impact on personnel, including union-related issues?

What are the consequences of not outsourcing?

If you have answered yes to seven or more questions, your organization is a good candidate for outsourcing. We can help guide you through the complex process of outsourcing. Our services will reduce the risk of making the wrong decision.