Dew India


We produce and market over 80 products for use in the global energy market. Our production capacities are supported by a multi-purpose manufacturing complex with substantial capabilities. We manufacture a complete line of drilling fluids, production chemicals, and completion fluid additives.

Our knowledgeable team has over a century of combined experience in the oilfield production chemical industry and is completely dedicated to providing clients with innovative, cost effective solutions. As a full service company, we provide everything from specialty chemicals and custom blending to chemical performance monitoring in the field. We also offer a suite a technologically advanced laboratory services, drilling products etc.

When you work with us we provide extensive technical service backed by a second-to-none research laboratory.


  • Paraffin dispersants/flow improvers/ pour point depressants
  • Corrosion inhibitor intermediates and formulated products


  • Detergents/wetting agents
  • Emulsifiers, stabilizers and invert emulsifiers for drilling muds
  • Emulsion preventers for acidizing
  • Drilling foamers


  • Scale inhibitor
  • Acid Corrosion inhibitors
  • Corrosion inhibitor
  • Biocides
  • Oxygen Scavengers
  • Carbon Dioxide Scavengers
  • Emulsion breakers
  • Non-emulsifiers
  • H2S scavengers
  • Foam boosters
  • Foam stabilizers
  • Foamers
  • Flocculant ( Water Clarifiers)

Oil Spill Dispersants

Dew manufacture a complete range of oil spill dispersants. These dispersants contain both surface-active agents and solvent systems. Each surfactant molecule has both a water-soluble ‘head’ group and an oil-soluble ‘tail’. After contacting an oil slick on water, these molecules diffuse through the oil to the oil-water interface under the slick. The surfactant acts to lower the oil-water interfacial tension, which means it lowers the energy needed to mix the oil into the water. This makes it easy for the oil to disperse into the water phase as discrete droplets. Each droplet has a molecular layer of surfactant molecules around it which helps to prevent the droplets from recombining and keeps them dispersed in the water phase.

Extensive environmental testing has to be performed on all oil spill dispersants to ensure that their impact on the aquatic environmental is minimal. For this reason, only those components that are known to have favorable environmental properties are used.