Dew India


Water treatment has been the backbone of our business since the 1994’s. And so has the close relationship with our customers at each water treatment plant around the world. Today we are world leaders in process know-how, supplying reliability and offering an extensive range of both standard and tailor-made products and solutions.


We have long term experience in assisting Municipal and Industrial water treatment plants to optimize their processes, and we always strive to understand the full scope of your needs. This way we can focus on making sure you get the treatment results required, and we can take joint responsibility for the overall performance.

Whether dealing with drinking water production or wastewater treatment, our offer to Municipal and Industrial covers multiple applications – from chemical coagulation and precipitation, to biological treatment support, odour and corrosion control, disinfection, and sludge treatment. Any of your challenges can be addressed in cooperation with us.

Municipal and Industrial water treatment progress requires extensive research, in which Dew is intensely engaged. We have our own research and development centres. In addition to this, we have joint research centres operating together with other business areas within the Dew Group.

We are the number one supplier of coagulants and flocculants for water treatment across the world. We work hard to become your preferred partner for water treatment.

Coagulation and flocculation involves the removal of suspended solids and turbidity from water to prepare it for use or for further treatment. This step typically uses the difference in density between the water and the suspended material for separation. The process of coagulation, along with flocculation, is used whenever the natural settling rate of suspended material is too slow to provide effective clarification. Coagulants are used to neutralize the charge of the suspended solids, bringing the particles together to create a small “floc”. To generate larger particles or flocs for faster settling, a high molecular weight, organic flocculant is generally used in combination with a coagulant.

Dew offers a comprehensive range of organic and inorganic blended coagulants and organic flocculants. We can work with you to optimize the performance of your treatment program, including chemicals and equipment, which can dramatically minimize your overall costs and maximize return on investment.

Coagulation and Flocculation

Organic and Inorganic coagulants and polymers are typically fed during the pretreatment process to remove nonsettleable solids, bacteria and viruses in the clarification and filtration processes. Polymer Activation Systems feed and control coagulant and flocculent addition. Coagulation involves the feeding of chemical coagulants into raw water to form microfloc particles. Flocculation describes the process of gently mixing the smaller particles so they contact each other to form larger particles called flocs.


Sand, grit, floc, and gross solids are removed by gravity settling to reduce the solids loading on filters. Solids settling and separation options include inclined plate settlers, package settlers with flocculation modules, plate packs, and tube settlers. Our Solids Contact Reactors and Clarifiers employ a number of well-established processes resulting in efficient water treatment in a single step.


Disinfection is the process that insures the water being delivered is free from disease causing pathogens, usually through the addition of chlorine. It is equally important that there is not a high level of chlorine in the system which exceed regulations or can cause taste and odor complaints.