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Ozone is fast becoming popular in sanitation of swimming pools. It is 3000 times more effective than chlorine and is perfectly safe. Ozone is widely used in pools in the world. It is far superior to chlorine from the health and safety perspective. Decomposition of ozone leaves behind oxygen. Chlorine on the other hand produces toxic chloramines, has searing effect on the eyes and leave behind a strong smell of chlorine on the body.

Benefits of Ozone

  • Very safe & the most powerful disinfectant commercially available
  • 3000 times germicidal effect of chlorine
  • Kills all bacteria e.g. cryptosporidium, giardia, viruses and cysts in minutes (10-30 mins)
  • After acting on pollutants, ozone is converted back to oxygen (O2), a useful gas vital to life
  • Effectively removes chloramines which cause searing pain to the eyes
  • Reduce skin & respiratory tract irritation
  • It oxidises & removes oils and other organic chemicals such as chloramines, flocculates dirt from the pool and helps to improve filtration keeping the pool crystal clear
  • Greatly reduces sanitizer consumption e.g. chlorine
  • With no more chemicals put into the pool it gets progressively cleaner, healthier and safer
  • Can be used in combination with chlorinators
  • Greatly reduces operating costs

Ozone is one of the best and safest sanitiser in the industry. It was declared GRAS by the US FDA (Generally Regarded As Safe) for the treatment of bottled water. Ozone is fast becoming very popular in the sanitation of swimming pools. Even though it is far more superior to chlorinators, few people have considered it because of the high cost. This has changed. Advances in technology and manufacturing techniques have greatly reduced the production cost of this highly versatile product. Today, we no longer need to live with the searing pain in our eyes caused by toxic chloramines produced by chlorine reacting with dirt (such as skin debris, sweat, urine etc.) in the pool as well as the high chlorine concentration. We will no longer smell of chlorine after a short swim in our pool.

Features of Dew Ozonaters

  • New highly durable titanium corona discharge elements, compressed air with automatic air dryer for efficient production of ozone
  • Titanium material is used to improve both performance and reliability
  • Venturi injection system
  • Dew Ozonaters comes with two versions� air fed or with PSA oxygen generator
  • Oxygen generator options are available for more demanding situations
  • Stainless steel housing ensures corrosion free casing and enhances appearance
  • Ozone destruct options are available for indoor swimming pools (to remove excess ozone in air). This option comes in larger configurations
  • Ozone can be effectively be used in conjunction with chlorinators
  • Larger models come with ozone destruct which removes excess ozone. These models are ideal for indoor pools as well as public and hotel pools