Dew India


Dew Expert Services offers a wide range of technical and consultancy solutions for water and wastewater treatment applications. A global network of technical experts helps clients achieve wastewater related efficiency, compliance and sustainable business success in highly regulated industries. To determine optimal solutions for wastewater treatment applications, Dew offers analysis of each specific situation. If data is missing or cannot be calculated, we measure key parameters or guide analytical work as necessary.

Tailored Solutions for Optimal Performance

To determine the most effective solutions for wastewater treatment applications, Dew conducts thorough analyses of each specific situation. We offer treatability studies, laboratory testing, and pilot testing, either in-house or on-site, to provide data-driven insights and recommendations. Our integrated approach encompasses treatment and source control, delivering cost-effective solutions that cover the entire cycle from situation analysis to commissioning.

Independent Evaluation for Superior Results

At Dew, we take an impartial approach to technology evaluation, independently assessing the effectiveness of various technologies irrespective of equipment or chemical suppliers. This ensures that our clients receive the most suitable and efficient solutions tailored to their unique requirements.

EHS Management Systems for Compliance and Beyond

Dew EHS Services specializes in developing and implementing Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) management systems that enable companies to meet international standards and guidelines such as ISO 14001, OSHAS, and EMAS.

DEW EHS Services carries out the following activities

  • Identifying weaknesses in the compliance management structure or process
  • Performing compliance audits
  • Conducting risk assessments and/or environmental impact analyses
  • Identifying, communicating and satisfying legal and other DEW EHS obligations
  • Integrating the approach to managing DEW EHS performance

Regulatory Support for Global Markets

Our Regulatory Services division provides comprehensive support for developing and implementing worldwide regulatory strategies across various industries and international markets. We assist clients in navigating complex regulatory landscapes, ensuring compliance with legal obligations and industry standards.

Whether you need assistance with wastewater treatment optimization, EHS management, or regulatory compliance, Dew Expert Services is here to support your journey towards operational excellence and sustainable growth. Partner with us to leverage our expertise and drive meaningful results for your business.