Dew India

Dew provides comprehensive cooling water treatment solutions including both open and closed loops. Combining state-of-the-art dispensing equipments and unique product technology, our systems help improve safety and reduce water and energy use. The result? More sustainable operations throughout the facility and a faster ROI.

From corrosion inhibitors to antifoam applications, we provide custom programs for a wide array of applications backed by technical knowledge and superior service, our programs help streamline operations and maximize your system’s performance.

Our revolutionary new CoolplanTM program will provide exceptional monitoring of your cooling water treatment chemistry, yielding fast, easy, and accurate data to help keep your cooling system operating as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Cooling Water Treatment Applications

  1. Antiscalant / Deposit Control Agent
  2. Corrosion inhibitors
  3. Scale Inhibitors
  4. Biocides
  5. Cleaning Chemicals
  6. Antifoam/Defoamers

Dew cooling water treatment program, we can help minimize your energy and water usage by maximizing cycles of concentration in your cooling systems, resulting in a faster ROI.

On-site Assessments

When we begin your cooling water treatment program, we provide on-site assessments for your operations to help pinpoint and solve inefficiencies, and highlight potential operational challenges resulting from poor cooling water management.

Advanced Treatment Technology

Helping optimize your cooling water management means we implement advanced scale and corrosion inhibitors, descalent and biocides with monitoring and control equipment to help ensure ultimate operational performance. Additionally, our specialists help improve overall operations and efficiency with on-going operator training.

Pre-operational Cleaning

Efficient cooling water system operation begins with the absence or removal of deposits, scale, and biological fouling. Dew has expertise remediating these undesirable contaminants.

Our pre-operational cleaning performs the following functions:

  • Remove scale, oils, and metal oxides containing deposits from new cooling system equipment and piping.
  • Restore efficiency by enabling removal of fouling, sludge deposits, biological matter, and insulating scale build up.
  • Prepare metal surfaces for rapid, complete passivation, protecting valuable assets and extending cooling system equipment life expectancy.
  • Disinfect cooling water system during startup and inhibits biological fouling.

Microbiological Treatment

Proper application of biocides is essential for efficient operation of cooling water systems. Biological growth in cooling water systems reduces heat transfer.

Our biocide programs offer the following benefits:

  • Tailored to your individual cooling system, operating parameters and operational goals.
  • Delivered results with a variety of available technologies and techniques including oxidizing, non-oxidizing and biodispersant products.
  • Reduced deposition and biological fouling, which keeps surfaces clean for efficient heat transfer.
  • Best practices and procedures.

Cooling Water Management

Dew’s cooling water treatment systems cover your operations from influent to effluent including pre-operational cleaning, microbiological treatment, inhibitor solutions, and system monitoring and control.

Inhibitor Program

At Dew, we employ effective cooling water management programs that utilize deposit control products to help maintain clean, scale-free surfaces and prevent corrosion.

Deposit Control Products features and benefits:

  • Custom developed based on your specific cooling system conditions, operating parameters and water quality.
  • Inhibit scale formation, ensuring efficient operation
  • Prevent corrosion and extend equipment life through effective metal passivation.
  • Help save water by allowing higher cycles of concentration.
  • Achieve synergy with biocide program by dispersing organic material.

Monitoring & Control

Industry leading program management provides exceptional monitoring and control program parameters. Your Dew we will work with you to verify product dosages, monitor results, and deliver proactive solutions. 

Dew’s water management benefits:

  • Proactive approach with DewTrackTM electronic service management tool.
  • DewTrackTM controllers that automatically feed and control inhibitor and biocide products.
  • Helps ensure proper schedules and testing to drive desired results.
  • Certified laboratory analysis for microbiological contamination/organism identification and Legionella testing.
  • Continuous operational improvement

Equipment Protection

Investing in new process equipment carries a high cost. We understand the need to protect your machinery to avoid costly repairs and unnecessary downtime. That’s why our cooling water treatment systems provide scale and corrosion prevention, microbiological control features, and the option for our DewTrackTM data management system so you can protect your investment and maintain operations.