Dew India

Water Audits

Audits gives us opportunity to find out new avenues to reduce cost and increase profits in utilities.

Every Year : There is a significant turnover in the utility department, an audit allows the department to proactively identify opportunities for improvements and formulate meaningful management objectives.

There is a new supplier. Changing Equipment’s/ Chemical suppliers is usually a response to poor service or high costs. A comprehensive review of the system’s operating efficiencies and the current Equipments/Chemical treatment program provides the information necessary to ensure supplier accountability.

There are major changes in the utility system or the plant is planning an expansion. An audit conducted before a plant expansion may increase the number of options to meet the increased utility needs and reduce the cost of the expansion.

The utility system is reaching capacity. If the utility system is reaching its maximum capacity, an audit may show opportunities for water conservation or reuse, eliminating the need for investment in additional equipment.

The plant is preparing to outsource their utility systems. When a plant prepares to outsource, they must know their baseline or current operating efficiencies and costs to ensure negotiation of equitable service fees.

We review your influent, boiler, cooling and wastewater systems at each site to maximize availability and reliability of these assets. We ensure the consistency of the water treatment programs at all your plant sites while minimizing your operating and maintenance costs.

  • Annual Audit – Dew serve as the team leader for each of your annual on-site water system audits and provide a written report.
  • Diagnosis & Treatment – provide engineering consulting services and laboratory analyses.
  • Treatment Plan – Evaluate the current program to improve your results, lower your costs and standardize your treatment and monitoring programs.
  • Training – train plant personnel to provide correct monitoring and control of the water treatment programs.
  • Quick Response- quick response time to your urgent problems.
  • Phone/Fax Consult – a cost-effective method to resolve many issues.
  • Specialist Referral – provide access to the latest technologies and other industry experts