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Discover the Power of Dew’s Seaweed Products for Plant Health

Seaweed is nature’s powerhouse, containing all major and minor plant nutrients, trace elements, alginic acid, vitamins, and antibiotics. Dew’s seaweed products, including fresh seaweed, dried seaweed meal, and liquid seaweed extract, offer a comprehensive solution for enhancing soil and plant health.

Key Benefits of Dew’s Seaweed Products:

  • Soil Conditioning: Alginic acid in seaweed combines with soil metals to form polymers that improve soil structure, enhancing water retention and promoting crumb formation.
  • Bacterial Activity: Seaweed stimulates bacterial activity in soil, leading to the secretion of organic chemicals that further condition the soil and promote nutrient availability.
  • Nutrient Release: Seaweed products provide a rich source of nutrients for plants, including nitrogen, which becomes available gradually as seaweed breaks down. Liquid seaweed extract offers immediate nutrient availability for enhanced plant growth.
  • Plant Growth Hormones: Gibberellins found in seaweed stimulate plant growth, encouraging robust development and increased yields.
  • Trace Elements: Seaweed products contain chelating properties that ensure trace elements remain available to plants, even in alkaline soils. This natural combination of nutrients supports healthy plant growth and development.
  • Disease Resistance: Plants treated with seaweed products develop resistance to pests and diseases, including sap-seeking insects, scab, mildew, and fungi. Seaweed products may enhance the production of natural antibiotics in soil, further bolstering plant immunity.

Dew’s seaweed products offer a natural and effective solution for promoting plant health, improving soil fertility, and enhancing crop yields. Harness the power of seaweed to unlock the full potential of your crops and gardens with Dew.