Dew India

Dew is dedicated to assisting the mining sector in navigating intricate metallurgical, economic, safety, and environmental hurdles. No matter your location, Dew offers expertise to explore innovative methods for achieving peak productivity. Renowned as a pioneer in delivering advanced solutions for metal, industrial mineral, and alumina processing challenges, Dew adheres to the ethos of progress through technology. Our unwavering commitment is to continuously develop groundbreaking innovations aimed at optimizing returns on mining investments. With a track record spanning nearly two decades, Dew has been the trusted partner of the mining industry, delivering cutting-edge technology across all major mining segments.

As the largest full-line, full-service supplier of mining reagents, we provide comprehensive solutions to meet diverse needs. Our state-of-the-art R&D facilities drive innovation, while our global supply chain organization ensures seamless operations. Above all, Dew prioritizes safety, health, and environmental concerns, cementing our commitment to responsible mining practices.

Technologies for Mining Industries

  • Antiscalants/dispersants
  • Collectors/promoters
  • Crystal growth modifiers
  • Defoamers, antifoams
  • Filter and dewatering aids
  • Flocculants, coagulants, emulsion breakers
  • Frothers
  • Material handling aids
  • Solvent extraction reagents

Alumina Refining

From bauxite handling aids to hydrate dewatering, Dew technologies bring new efficiency to all aspects of alumina production. We provide pioneered flocculant technology for the clarification circuit, providing improved economics, liquor filtration rates and settler scaling. Our scale inhibitor takes a revolutionary approach to prevent the costly problem of scale accumulation in heat exchangers.

Mineral Processing

Dew is developing new technologies that will change the face of the minerals processing industry. It provides the precision targeting of chemistries for increased recoveries, productivities and safety. With Dew reagents, our customers have been able to attain an entirely new level of profitability. Recovering maximum value from ore is our primary goal. Dew has brought advanced tools for solving increasingly difficult problems to precious, base and industrial mineral operations. Dew brings specialty collectors, frothers and modifiers, dewatering agents and antiscalants to provide plants with productivity and throughput.

Solvent Extraction

Dew provides several metal extraction technologies, including highly selective reagents and modifiers to provide plants with enhanced kinetics, productivity and throughput. Our teams employ our proprietary tools including modeling software and statistical process analysis, as well as specifically developed laboratory and field tests in the process of optimizing your operations.