Dew India

Design & Drawing

Choosing the right design and engineering team is crucial for success. We are dedicated to offering a wide array of value-added design and engineering services that complement our end-to-end manufacturing strategy. As a global liquid engineering consultant and service provider for water and wastewater manufacturing industries, we provide unparalleled solutions to enhance operational efficiency, reduce delivery times, and drive product innovation.

Expertise Across Various Domains:

Our experience spans sewer/wastewater collection systems, advanced wastewater treatment facilities, residuals management and handling, odor control, pollution prevention, and water reuse. With profound knowledge in conventional organic removal plants to complex nutrient removal/recovery processes, we cover everything from compliance evaluations to delivering fully operational facilities and upgrading wastewater treatment plants.

Delivering Excellence:

Each year, our teams undertake numerous design, drawing, and engineering projects across all industry verticals. From concept to detailed design to production and support, our design and engineering teams add value throughout the product development lifecycle, ensuring cost reduction and expedited delivery.

Comprehensive Design Services:

Concept Design: From concept to manufacturing, we offer complete design services. We translate concepts into specifications, design the product, and develop it to meet engineering requirements.

Sustaining Engineering and Re-engineering: Our expertise in total product enhancement and adherence to international standards adds real value, ensuring optimal performance and features.

Detailed Analysis and Optimization: We conduct thorough analyses of water and wastewater systems to enhance overall product value and reduce costs.

Additional Expertise:

  • Process engineering and design for liquid and solids treatment systems
  • Treatment system design support including Preliminary Engineering Reports
  • Engineering and design across various disciplines including civil, electrical, mechanical, chemical, instrumentation and control, geotechnical, structural, and architectural
  • Feasibility studies encompassing technical, economic, and financial aspects
  • Treatment process modeling and simulation studies
  • Bench-, pilot-, and demonstration-scale studies
  • Upgrades for existing wastewater treatment plants
  • Quality assurance/quality control and value engineering

Experience the difference with our comprehensive design and engineering solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Partner with us to achieve excellence in water and wastewater treatment processes.