Dew India

Research & Development

Around the world, Dew invests heavily in R&D to bring the most innovative water and wastewater treatment technologies to market.

Research, Development & Industrialization activities are a vital component of Dew expertise, recognized globally for contributing successful innovations to the water and wastewater treatment industry for over 20 years.

The Dew Group continues this strong commitment to value creation with focused R &D programs. Emphasis on project collaboration ensures rapid and efficient transfer of new technologies on a global basis. Together, Dew Group serves as a liaison with government, academic and industry trade organizations towards addressing contemporary environmental issues.


Biological filtration, biosolids treatment, clarification, membrane filtration and UV disinfection for both drinking water and wastewater treatment. Specializing in Ultrafiltration, Dew develops technologies and products designed to optimize water treatment performance. R & D activities are focused on the development of new membranes, modules and process skids / trains dedicated to drinking water, wastewater and re-use applications. Dew innovations guarantee reliable and efficient solutions to meet client needs.

Advanced lab

Dew lab equipped with a range of advanced instrumentation to fully characterize both water and wastewater samples in order to produce the essential data required to meet a client’s water treatment needs. Consultative “Treatability Studies” are conducted to develop process operating parameters and to predict full-scale performance.

Dyamic Modeling

Dew team of Designers & Research Engineers utilize the latest modeling software to optimize equipment design and model plant hydraulics. The tool is useful in simulating a range of complex phenomenon in Cooling, boiler and wastewater treatment.

Combining the use of a standardized protocol with advanced sample characterization such as particle size distribution analysis, Dew aims to increase client confidence in new system performance by ensuring the reproducibility of test results and allowing meaningful comparison of data.

Pilot Testing

With a fleet of over 30 field-scale pilot units in equipment ranging from reactors to clarification systems Dew conducts pratical, on-site studies for determination of process performance prior to full-scale investment. This approach has proven successful on thousands of the most difficult municipal and industrial applications worldwide.