Dew India


Chemicals to remove oil and loose impurities from the metal surface. Tailor made products for mild steel, galvanised steel, aluminium surfaces.

Common products for M.S. galvanised steel, aluminium surfaces. Mild and heavy duty degreasing chemicals. Caustic free chemicals with biodegradable surfactants. Chemicals operating in wide temperature range. Special additives for separating oil from degreasing bath. Common chemicals for spray and dip mode of application.

Other products includes:

  • Derusting
  • Surface Conditioner
  • Passivation

Phosphating Chemicals

  • Chemicals Confirming to IS 3618/6005, BS 3189
  • Defence Specification

Iron Phosphating Chemicals

  • Cleaner Coater System (Degreasing and Phosphating in single stage)
  • Chemicals suitable for mild steel, galvanised steel and aluminium.

Zinc Phosphating Chemicals

  • Light, medium and heavy zinc phosphate coating
  • Nickel and Nitrate free
  • Self acclerated
  • Chemicals Low temperature operating

Manganese Phosphating Chemicals

  • Medium to Heavy Coating weight
  • Good Oil retention property
  • Controlled Film Thickness