Dew India

Viscosity Reducer

Enhance Your Sugar Production Process with DEW Viscosity Reducers

DEW offers innovative viscosity reducers designed to optimize sugar production by improving pan boiling efficiency and reducing sucrose loss. Our polymer-based viscosity reducers are specially formulated to address the challenges posed by organic and inorganic chemicals present in massecuite, resulting in enhanced fluidity and reduced boiling time.

Key Benefits of DEW Viscosity Reducers:

  • Improved Centrifugation Efficiency: Our viscosity reducers enhance centrifugation efficiency, resulting in better separation of sugar crystals from molasses.
  • Enhanced Boiling Time, Circulation, and Fluidity: By reducing surface tension, DEW viscosity reducers improve boiling efficiency, circulation, and fluidity of massecuite, leading to shorter boiling times.
  • Enhanced Sugar Color: Our products contribute to improved sugar color, ensuring higher quality sugar crystals.
  • Better Exhaustion of Molasses: DEW viscosity reducers facilitate better exhaustion of molasses, maximizing sugar recovery from the production process.
  • Reduced Sugar Losses and Improved Recovery: With DEW viscosity reducers, you can minimize sugar losses and optimize sugar recovery, ultimately increasing overall profitability.


Experience the Difference with DEW Viscosity Reducers

Maximize the efficiency and productivity of your sugar production process with DEW viscosity reducers. Our advanced formulations are tailored to meet the unique needs of sugar mills, offering superior performance and consistent results.