Dew India

Textile Care

At Dew, our focus is sales and service of advanced chemistry for the global textile, garment wet processing and carpet industries.

We offer a wide range of performance chemicals utilized by our customers in these industries. Chemical products are available for virtually all processes – from fiber to textile. The company emphasizes delivering advanced and cost efficient product technology specifically designed for our customer’s needs. Our chemistry is compliant with established global standards.

The company comprises an experienced team of sales professionals, textile engineers and textile chemists. The team is supported by fully staffed modern analytical and application laboratories, positioning the company to provide added value to our customers � whether they seek assistance with opportunities or need solutions to problems.

Dew meets our customer’s needs in efficient and timely manner via manufacture and distribution from ISO certified facilities.

Sizing Chemicals

DEW Textile products comprise a wide range of chemicals formulated for sizing and weaving applications. The product range is positioned to assist in the high speed processing of all types of staple and filament yarns. Dew products are recommended for applications varying from simple cotton fabrics to high technology technical fabrics.

Wetting, Penetrating and Desizing Agents

Dew Textile chemicals are a range of products formulated for use in the preparation of fabrics. This includes desize, scour and bleach processes. A wide range of chemistries is incorporated in this group. The product line includes wetting agents, detergents, emulsifiers, formulated scours, dispersants, and bleach stabilizers. The product line is designed to address the needs of all textile factories.

Finishing Chemicals

Dew Textile products are a group of specialty chemical finishes designed to lend unique performance characteristics to treated fabrics and garments. The product range comprises a wide range of chemistries for use as stiffening agents, permanent press finishes, water repellants, flame retardants and many other applications. Dew products are applied to various fabric types; cellulosic, synthetic and blended. Dew chemicals are a range of different chemistries designed for fabric application. Dew products are formulated to modify physical characteristics such as softness, smoothness, drape, abrasion resistance, water absorption and moisture management.

Dyeing Chemicals

Dew Textile products are a line of auxiliary products for the textile dyeing process. The product range comprises leveling agents, carriers, fixing agents, wetting agents, defoaming aids and a variety of specialty products.

Garment Processing

Garment chemicals are an assembly of products for the garment wet processing industry. This product range includes products for desizing, abrasion, clean up and neutralization and finishing. Included in the assembly are several unique specialty products.