Dew India


Today’s municipal wastewater treatment system is a symbol of progress, these facilities face increasing government pressure to achieve ever greater improvements in discharge quality. Additionally, in many parts of the country, population growth has increased demands on our natural resources, placing additional capacity stress on municipal wastewater treatment systems. Progress in abating pollution has barely kept ahead of population growth, changes in industrial processes, technological developments, change in land use, business innovations, and many other factors.

Water pollution issues now dominate public concerns about national water quality and maintaining healthy ecosystems. Despite this increased attention, funding sources for new upgrades are getting more difficult to find, creating the need for innovative solutions.

Dew provides the ability to upgrade municipal facilities, to meet the needs of increased capacity and improved effluent discharge requirements, often without the need for additional treatment tanks. Dew specialised media systems provide a flexible suite of powerful solutions to the challenges facing municipal wastewater treatment systems.


Municipal wastewater treatment system requires a deep understanding of mechanical, electrical, structural, and chemical engineering, as well as a thorough knowledge of the latest technologies. At Dew, our expert team of engineers is continually developing new technologies while consistently delivering custom solutions built on founded treatment practices.

  • Mechanical engineering for solution design
  • Electrical engineering for controls and instrumentation integration
  • Structural engineering for project layout
  • Chemical engineering for reaction and mixing systems

Turnkey Projects

Both project manager and water treatment expert, Dew controls all the stages involved in designing and building plants, including design studies, plans, works and commissioning.

Whether it involves plants for drinking water production, desalination, wastewater pollution removal, wastewater sludge treatment and recycling, these facilities offer every guarantee in terms of health security and compliance with the standards in force.

In addition to design, the teams provide complete management of the construction stages: choosing the process and locations, establishing the price, managing purchasing, monitoring the construction site, assembling the equipment and commissioning the facilities. Performance, reliability and harmonious integration into the environment are the basics, which provide the foundation for Dew’s activity as a design builder.

Operation and Maintenance

Dew has developed an extensive range of services geared toward running plants smoothly, such as operation, maintenance, process optimisation, technical support and service continuity.

The area of involvement extends from day-to-day management of the facilities (setting up the operational tools and processes, operational management), to tailored support for the operators (provision of spare parts, refurbishment activities). Dew’s technical expertise as an operating constructor enables it to offer competitive solutions.

When Dew does the operational work, our operational experts are involved in all the preparatory phases of the project (design, risk assessment, technical validation, etc.), thus making it easier to anticipate their needs and to adapt the ergonomics of the plant. The structures and solutions proposed are, therefore, specifically tailored to the special operational constraints, thus ensuring their performance and their reliability.

In the field, mobilising the group’s operators enables us to ensure optimum service quality and to fulfil the customers main expectations: continuity of service and controlling operating costs.

BUILD OPERATE & TRANSFER (BOT) Dew provides BOT services to large customer. BOT is a type of contract which combines various types of expertise: design-build, services and financing arrangements.

For Dew, it is a true area of know-how and one of its four major activities. A service of the BOT kind can be offered when the customer (local authority, region, state or even industrial group) wants the private partner to be fully involved in the project management, even including responsibility for financing. Within this context, Dew, represented by a company dedicated to the project, provides the design, construction, financing and operation of the sewage treatment plant.