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Municipal wastewater treatment systems are vital for preserving public health and environmental quality. However, with increasing demands for improved effluent quality and limited funding sources, municipalities face significant challenges in upgrading their facilities. Dew specializes in providing innovative solutions to help municipal wastewater treatment plants meet capacity needs and regulatory requirements efficiently.

Dew provides the ability to upgrade municipal facilities, to meet the needs of increased capacity and improved effluent discharge requirements, often without the need for additional treatment tanks. Dew specialised media systems provide a flexible suite of powerful solutions to the challenges facing municipal wastewater treatment systems.


Municipal wastewater treatment system requires a deep understanding of mechanical, electrical, structural, and chemical engineering, as well as a thorough knowledge of the latest technologies. At Dew, our expert team of engineers is continually developing new technologies while consistently delivering custom solutions built on founded treatment practices.

  • Mechanical engineering for solution design
  • Electrical engineering for controls and instrumentation integration
  • Structural engineering for project layout
  • Chemical engineering for reaction and mixing systems



Dew offers a comprehensive range of services aimed at ensuring the smooth operation of plants, including maintenance, process optimization, technical support, and service continuity. Our involvement spans from day-to-day facility management to providing tailored support for operators, such as supplying spare parts and conducting refurbishment activities. Leveraging our technical expertise as an operating constructor, we deliver competitive solutions that anticipate operational needs and adapt plant ergonomics accordingly. By involving our operational experts in all project phases, from design to risk assessment, we ensure that structures and solutions are tailored to specific operational constraints, guaranteeing performance and reliability. Mobilizing our team of operators in the field ensures optimal service quality and meets customers’ expectations for service continuity and cost control.


Both project manager and water treatment expert, Dew controls all the stages involved in designing and building plants, including design studies, plans, works and commissioning.

Whether it involves plants for drinking water production, desalination, wastewater pollution removal, wastewater sludge treatment and recycling, these facilities offer every guarantee in terms of health security and compliance with the standards in force.

In addition to design, the teams provide complete management of the construction stages: choosing the process and locations, establishing the price, managing purchasing, monitoring the construction site, assembling the equipment and commissioning the facilities. Performance, reliability and harmonious integration into the environment are the basics, which provide the foundation for Dew’s activity as a design builder.


As a leader in BOT services, Dew provides integrated solutions encompassing design, construction, financing, and operation of sewage treatment plants. With our BOT services, municipalities can benefit from a fully involved private partner, ensuring project success and sustainability.

This service is particularly beneficial when clients, such as local authorities, regions, states, or industrial groups, seek a fully engaged private partner to manage projects, including financing responsibilities. Within this framework, Dew, through a dedicated company, assumes responsibility for designing, constructing, financing, and operating sewage treatment plants.

At Dew, we are committed to delivering reliable, sustainable wastewater treatment solutions to support communities and protect the environment. Our expertise, innovation, and dedication make us a trusted partner for municipalities seeking to upgrade their wastewater treatment infrastructure.