Dew India

Side Stream Filters

At Dew, we recognize the critical role that cooling towers play in maintaining efficient operations. That’s why we’re dedicated to offering tailored solutions to enhance their performance and longevity.

Cooling towers act as effective air scrubbers, but without proper filtration, airborne contaminants can compromise system efficiency and lead to costly downtime. That’s where Dew’s permanent medium filtration system comes in. Combined with our specialized chemicals, it ensures a cleaner system and suppresses microorganism growth, safeguarding your equipment.

Key parameters like scale, corrosion, biological fouling, and unpredictable airborne contaminants are effectively managed with our comprehensive approach. Side-stream filtration continuously removes particles, keeping the system clean. The goal is to eliminate fine dirt, dust, smoke, and organic particles from the water. Look for filter systems that are self-cleaning, compact, and have screens with pore sizes down to 15 microns for consistent filtration.

For sizing, a side-stream representing 3-20% of the total recirculated flow is typically adequate. For instance, a 6000 m3/hr circulation rate would require a 180 m3/hr side stream filter, capable of cleaning the tower’s entire capacity once every 24 hours.

Dew’s personalized solutions, combining permanent side-stream filtration with chemicals, deliver tangible benefits, often paying for themselves in less than two years. Don’t settle for anything less—equip your water-cooled systems, including cooling towers, with Dew’s innovative filtration solutions for optimal performance and peace of mind.