Dew India

Pulp & Paper

Dew is the leading global provider of innovative, integrated solutions to the pulp and paper industry that improve our customers’ products and positively impact their operations through greater asset reliability, decreased total cost of operation, improved operating and production efficiencies, machine performance optimization, improved sheet properties, enhanced customer profitability, and minimized environmental health and safety concerns. Dew world-class and experienced teams, backed by our extensive technical resources and capabilities. In today’s challenging business environment, pulp and paper producers are constantly striving to enhance competitiveness and sustainability, by improving site profitability and reducing environmental impact. Cost reduction is a key business driver for every papermaker.

As an industry leader, Dew focus on innovation consistently brings new technology to the pulp and paper industry. Our innovative solutions are carefully designed to deliver significant economic, environmental and social sustainability.

Board and Packaging Paper Grades

Producing an optimal sheet, at minimal cost, based on finished product performance requirements has consistently been a complex challenge for board and packaging manufacturers. In order to meet all of the sheet specifications, manufacturers often have to over-engineer the sheet in at least one or two of the specifications.

Tissue and Towel Grades

Tissue makers face the challenge of meeting many consumer demands on end-product performance. For example, balancing the relationship between softness and strength requires a complete understanding of fiber, water and process management to achieve the appropriate sheet properties goals.

Graphic Papers

Papermakers are continuously working to differentiate their products from the competition by better addressing the end-use requirements of their customers. Dew understands that grade enhancement and development are key drivers in the fine paper segment. Dew is working both internally and externally with leading research institutions and other co-suppliers to the industry to develop innovative programs that deliver print, structure and optical advantages to our customers. In the growing area of digital printing, Dew programs are being engineered to deliver optical density, ink mileage, toner adhesion and multi-functionality.

Fiber Savings

Dew understands that vigilant management of fiber and energy resources is critical to the quality and efficiency of pulp and paper making operations.Our complete fiber and energy management solutions are designed to help you achieve your economical, operational, quality and environmental objectives.

  • Reduce your Total Cost of Operation
  • Use a broader range of mechanical, chemical and recycled fibers
  • Improve the quality of pulp
  • Enhance the stability and efficiency of the process

Machine Efficiency

Dew offers comprehensive paper machine cleaning and conditioning programs that include chemical product line technologies, analytical capabilities, and automated equipment systems. When these parts are integrated by our on-site approach, these programs can provide our customers with improved paper machine efficiency, a reduction in material costs, energy savings and paper quality increase.

Chemical Savings

Our integrated approach provides our customers with cost effective and high-performance solutions to meet the challenges of their unique markets. Dew programs can be applied to a wide variety of paper grades and furnishes. Specific programs are selected based on proven laboratory screening procedures and on-machine testing protocols. Dew also provides functional chemistries that assist in developing sheet properties and promote machine productivity.

Water and Energy

Dew brings a comprehensive focus to water-related problems in all areas of pulp and paper mills, even those that may have historically been considered “off limits” to water specialists. Having efficient total cost of operation management is a constant demand of the industry, and suppliers of water treatment services are in an excellent position to deliver savings far beyond the scope of just what chemicals do. Using an engineering approach – evaluating the mechanical, operational and, only lastly, the chemical aspects of an application – our sales engineers effectively demonstrate how sustainable improvement projects can be identified. Without the steam necessary to heat the chips in the digesters, evaporate the cooking liquors, dry sheets on paper machines and drive turbines to provide for the electrical needs of the entire paper mill, papermaking operations would come to a halt.