Dew India

Packaged Units

Dew supplies pre-engineered units that provide complete wastewater treatment services to larger facilities such as automobiles, malls, hotels, hospitals and industries.

Dew packaged wastewater treatment plant ensures that the best available technology is placed at the disposal of your site. Compact Dew systems offer reduced footprints and also manage water to maximize the eco-friendliness of wastewater treatment processes. The ease with which they may be operated and maintained and the robust, reliable treatment they provide are backed by comprehensive system and process warranties.

As the necessity of wastewater treatment is broadly understood across the globe, non-connected and decentralized wastewater treatment facilities are often economically advisable. Inadequate treatment affects populations and economies as the impact of pollution inhibits development and growth.

  • Save costs
  • Cost-effective
  • Shorter planning time
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Greener approach to treatment
  • Sustainable development


Each of Dew’s packaged wastewater technologies provides safe, reliable and efficient wastewater treatment that meets the strictest quality standards.

Packaged Membrane Bioreactors [ MBR ]

Dew’s packaged MBR offer exceptional performance, delivering unrivalled and reliable treatment results to population areas. A below-ground packaged sanitation plant, Dew’s MBR Technology employs simple flat sheet membrane panels housed in stainless steel units whose number can be varied according to hydraulic flow. Aeration generates an upward cross-flow over submerged membranes, which keeps fouling of the filtration surface to a minimum. Dew treatment plant includes :-

  • Package Plants
  • Semi-packaged Plants
  • Modular System


Submerged Aerated Filters [ SAF ]

Dew SAF are high performance biological filters for the treatment of both industrial effluent and domestic. The SAF is a fabricated tank split into treatment cells that are arranged in series. Each cell houses a number of fine bubble membrane diffusers, which are mounted below packed rigid corrugated PVC media.

Containerized Effluent Treatment Plants

Dew containerized system is a pre-engineered DAF/MBR/MBBR system. We offers a complete solution to your wastewater treatment needs, combining several operations into one fully functional wastewater treatment plant.