Dew India

Dew has the equipment and chemical solutions necessary to help you deliver clean, potable water. Our municipal water treatment solutions enable you to discharge safe, treated water, and discover new reuse opportunities.

Tackling seawater desalination requires careful testing and design early in the project lifecycle. Dew solution starts with pretreatment components that protect membrane desalination systems by removing suspended solids and impurities. After careful analysis of your source water and conservation needs, modular desal systems are then fitted to your application.

To support the lifecycle of the desalination plant, a complete line of products and services are available to help you stay current, connected, in production and on budget.

  • Integrated technologies that can handle waters with high turbidity and high organics
  • Lower odors compared to traditional wastewater treatment designs
  • Safer, acceptable effluent for discharge
  • Improved membrane performance with a portfolio of NSF-certified membrane chemical solutions
  • We designs and manufactures complete desalination solutions-customers receive integrated, high quality and consistent systems
  • Modular designs adapt to site and project specifications for a unique solution
  • Engineering and field services are available to design, commission, or start up systems

Industrial processes can release heavy metals into their wastewater streams, resulting in potential contamination of the environment. Dew offers innovative processes and proven methods to solve this tough-to-treat wastewater challenge.

  • Remove heavy metals from wastewater over a wide pH range
  • Use chemical solutions for soluble and/or particulate heavy metals, such as lead, copper, chromium, iron, manganese, mercury, nickel and zinc
  • Remove selenium with advanced biological treatment

Wastewater Reuse or Discharge

Dew helps customers meet ever increasing environmental, regulatory, and financial pressures.

  • Reduce energy consumption and footprint with innovative membrane solutions
  • Treat and clean severely impaired water
  • Improves uptime while reducing maintenance time and costs

TOC monitoring

By using Dew analytical instruments, customers can measure total organic carbon (TOC) in their water to ensure regulatory compliance, optimize processes, and control quality. Simple, fast, accurate monitoring helps you monitor water quality for pharmaceutical, microelectronics, municipal drinking water, power, industrial process, chemical, food and beverage, environmental, and wastewater.

  • General water system monitoring
  • Global pharmacopoeias compliance
  • Cleaning verification
  • Process optimization
  • Ultra-pure and reclaim water monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring and TOC to COD/BOD correlation
  • Leak monitoring
  • TOC measuring for tough samples
  • Detection of contaminated water for chemical operations
  • Oil-on-water monitor for hydrocarbon leaks & spills