Dew India

Flocculants [Juice Clarification]

Efficient removal of impurities from cane sugar juice through clarification is crucial for raw sugar manufacturing. DEW offers high-performance flocculants designed to achieve rapid flocculation and sedimentation of suspended particles in primary cane sugar juice.

Our high molecular weight anionic polymer flocculants significantly increase the settling rate, reducing retention time in the clarification stage and enhancing the color of the final sugar product. Available in solid, liquid, and emulsion forms, DEW water-soluble polyelectrolytes excel in critical areas such as composition, molecular weight distribution, and ionic charge, ensuring efficient clarification of sugarcane juice.


– Increased throughput from existing equipment
– Reduced capital expenditure on clarifiers
– Lower retention time, minimizing heat loss and sugar inversion
– Reduced time consumption and minimal decomposition

DEW Flotation Aid: Achieve Optimal Sugar Remelt/Syrup Clarification

DEW Flotation Aid is a high-efficiency flocculant (polyelectrolyte) specifically designed to improve the clarification and filtration of sugar remelt/syrup in sugar mills and refineries. With remarkable flotation properties and effectiveness over a wide pH range, this product offers flexibility to cope with fluctuations in operating conditions.


– Lower retention time
– Reduced mud volume
– Low pol content in filtrate
– Increased throughput from the clarifier
– Improved sugar remelt/syrup quality
– Higher filtration rates

Experience enhanced sugar juice clarification and optimize your sugar remelt/syrup quality with DEW Flocculants and Flotation Aid.