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In many industry fields, foam is a disturbing agent. In the sugar production above all from cane, foam is a priority problem as well in the inside as in the outside operations.

Foam is normally formed by the action of a surfactant (natural or synthetic) that is a chemical product containing in its molecule a hydrophilic and a lipophilic group. In a phase interface the hydrophilic group is directed to the water and the lipophilic to the fat or to the air. This allows the formation of a very stable thin layer of liquid which includes air, which is a foam bubble.

The defoamer must be able to destroy this equilibrium and to permit the air to escape. For this reason the defoamer is always insoluble in water and must come slowly to the surface (of the bubble or of the water). In many cases a certain disperdibility in the water is desired in order to have a better distribution in the medium and to reach the single bubbles.

Dew have several product categories having a defoaming effect and in many cases it is not possible to establish in advance which one will be the most suitable for a specific application. We suggest to do the necessary tests with the specific medium. Our technicians may suggest the best way to carry out the tests and eventually to do them together with you.

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