Dew India

Container Fitted

Dew manufactures self-contained, containerized water treatment system capable of delivering safe drinking water or clean process water from virtually any freshwater, brackish water, or seawater source. By utilizing containerized construction and an integrated membrane treatment technique, Dew can provide a completely assembled, pre-tested system capable of utilizing feed water from a number of sources. These systems are also well-suited for reclaiming waste water containing suspended solids and high dissolved solids (waste waters containing oil, grease, or high BOD would require additional treatment). Dew containerized water treatment systems offer a number of advantages including ease of installation, flexibility, and cost effectiveness.

Containerized water treatment systems for- Process Water Purification, Drinking Water Purification, Seawater Desalination, Groundwater Treatment, and Wastewater Treatment.

Dew water treatment systems are fully self-contained in trailers or intermodal shipping containers. They are suitable for most water treatment applications using the following: Filtration, Ion Exchange, Carbon Adsorption, Chemical Injection, Ultrafiltration, Reverse Osmosis, and Membrane Bioreactor.

The System is based upon the use of ultrafiltration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO) membrane technology. These are membrane water treatment processes which provide a physical barrier to the passage of suspended (UF and RO) and dissolved solids (RO). By doing so, UF and RO are capable of removing virtually all contaminants, either biological or chemical, from a contaminated water source.


The system is housed in a modified shipping container. Modifications include waterproof flooring, insulation on ceiling and walls, one man door for personnel access, overhead lighting and power outlets, and air conditioning and heating (if necessary).

MGF & ACF Filter

An automatic backwashable filter is installed to provide suspended solids free water to the system.

Chemical Treatment

Coagulant and flocculants are added to remove suspended solids. Antiscalant and Chlorine deactivator are also dosed to prevent scaling and chlorine damage.


The UF membrane is used to remove suspended solids which would otherwise foul the RO membrane. The UF membrane will generally reject any solid greater than 100,000 molecular weight.

Reverse Osmosis

The RO membrane is used to remove dissolved ions (salts) and any other non-ionic dissolved solid.


Used to prevent biological regrowth in the treated water before it is used.

Self-Contained Operation

The system is designed to operate as a portable, self-contained treatment system. All necessary treatment equipment and supplies are furnished as part of the container housing the treatment system. Power may be supplied by an optional diesel generator set.

Automatic Control

The CIMS is equipped with a microprocessor-based monitoring and control system. This system may be remotely monitored via telephone modem. The automatic control system is equipped with manual overrides should manual control become necessary.