Dew India


Dew offers proprietary bacterial culture products for wastewater treatment. Dew bacterial culture products are the result of a long-term research and development effort and years of experience utilizing bioaugmentation to solve waste and wastewater problems.

Dew bacterial cultures are also offered in a variety of concentrations to provide the user with the greatest possible economy, flexibility and end use effectiveness. Our most concentrated bacterial cultures contain ten to 100 times more bacteria than is generally available and offer significant savings and greatly reduced costs when compared to other products.

Dew bacterial products are used to effectively treat municipal and industrial wastewaters and other wastes including surfactants, petrochemicals, hydrocarbons, fats, oil and greases , BOD and sludges. The successful degradation of these wastes is through bacterial activity and the production of enzymes including proteases, lipases, amylases, ureases, celluases, and/or reductases. Our bacterial products are used in high strength organic and solids loading situations including manure and composting operations to control odor and for BOD reduction and sludge reduction. Dew bacteria are used to treat a broad spectrum of waste and wastewater challenges.

Industrial biological wastewater treatment systems are limited in their ability to perform as required due to channeling, higher than design flow rates, highly variable food and nutrients and other system upsets. Outages, spills and cold weather are common sources of upsets in biological systems. Bioaugmentation is an effective way to enhance the performance of biological wastewater treatment systems.

Dew BC+ bacterial cultures are blends of selected strains of active bacteria that effectively remove biological oxygen demand (BOD) from industrial effluent under a wide range of conditions. Feeding the Dew BC+ cultures helps improve the performance of poorly performing wastewater treatment systems by introducing a high concentration of active bacteria that provide an immediate boost to the system. Dew BC+ cultures are effective in activated sludge systems and aerations. Specific blends are available that thrive under cold weather conditions, effectively maintaining BOD removal targets even during the cold winter months, where typical system bacteria are very slow to metabolize BOD.

The Dew bacteria culture series of microbial formulations were developed specifically to target industrial and municipal activated sludge waste water treatment for enhanced removal of BOD / COD, TSS, odors, toxic chemicals and oil contamination. Other formulation were devised to treat anaerobic digesters, grease traps, septic tanks, ponds, composting, animal production facilities, hydrocarbon spills, ethylene glycol, and many other applications.

Dew provides high-quality, low-priced treatment for mobile and portable toilets.

At times a solution includes products from two or more lines, for example DEWTREAT-415 from the chemical line, is employed to separate oil for recycling from an oil-in-water emulsion, followed by the application of DEWTREAT-BC-7036 from the microbial line to the remaining water to remove all traces of remaining oil, so that the water may also be recycled.

Dew offer outstanding emulsion and liquid copolymers which work well with the microbial products to maximally improve industrial and municipal clarifier operations and, working in co-operation with our microbial formulas, provide rapid water cleaning.

To ensure the best possible results from the use of Dew products, technical assistance is always available from our staff microbiologists. We welcome your inquiries and will work diligently with you to solve your waste and wastewater treatment problems.