Dew India

Sugar Processing Antiscalents

The evaporator section is crucial to sugar manufacturing efficiency, but scale formation can hinder heat transfer and reduce overall plant effectiveness. DEW antiscalants are specifically formulated to address this challenge, ensuring optimal performance of evaporators and enhancing sugar production processes.

Here’s how DEW antiscalants improve evaporator efficiency:

  1. Scale Prevention: DEW antiscalants retard scale formation by acting as threshold inhibitors and crystal distorters. By increasing the solubility of dissolved salts and modifying crystal structures, they prevent adherent scale formation on heat transfer surfaces.
  2. Enhanced Heat Transfer: With reduced scale formation, DEW antiscalants ensure improved heat transfer across evaporator surfaces. This leads to more efficient evaporation processes and lower steam/fuel consumption.
  3. Reduced Cleaning Frequency: By minimizing scale buildup, DEW antiscalants help reduce the frequency of evaporator cleaning, saving both time and resources. This results in fewer disruptions to production and extended equipment lifespan.
  4. Surfactant Action: DEW antiscalants also contain surfactants with high dispersing power towards inorganic salts. These surfactants inhibit scale formation by modifying crystals, further improving heat transfer efficiency and crushing capacity between cleanings.

Experience the benefits of DEW antiscalants for sugar processing:

  • Improved heat transfer and energy efficiency
  • Reduced cleaning requirements and downtime
  • Prevention of vacuum pan over-loading
  • Enhanced equipment longevity

DEW offers a complete range of sugar processing chemicals to meet your specific needs. Visit our download section for more details and literature.