Dew India


Dew technically advanced antifoams, defoamers and other water and wastewater treatment chemicals have been developed for use in a range of applications including boiler and cooling water systems, wastewater and effluent treatment, and industrial process environments.

Wastewater from communal clarifiers and industrial effluents usually contain surfactants, which generate foam. This foam can severely disturb wastewater-treatment processes. Foam control systems provide an effective remedy. Dew antifoam agents, with low environmental impact, provide effective, long-lasting regulation and control of foam in the various clarification steps of the treatment systems. Dew antifoam agents can also be used in highly alkaline wastewaters in the semiconductor industry, cooling or wastewaters in the textile industry or even in fermentation processes in biogas systems. Dew products are highly efficient, increase process stability in the plants, and thereby provide efficient wastewater treatment.

Dew superior quality antifoams and defoamers are manufactured to the highest standards and are suitable for use in many industries including wastewater treatment, pulp and paper, petrochemical, automotive, textiles, adhesive, paint and dye manufacture and many more.

Silicone Antifoam

Silicon based broad-spectrum antifoam demonstrating effectiveness in a variety of applications. It excels in evaporative wastewater treatment, and is a strong performer versus numerous types of detergent foam. It is particularly effective in the agriculture industry to control foam in herbicides and spray adjuvants. And it has also found utility in chemical manufacturing, water treatment, industrial process water, and some types of cleaning products and coating formulations.

Silicon antifoam is a water-based emulsion containing a complex mixture of silicones and non-silicone active ingredients. This combination provides rapid and aggressive foam destruction, and persistent foam suppression in many types of foaming media. The product is readily dispersible in water with gentle mixing, and is generally more rinsable than a conventional silicone antifoam.

Dew produces silicone, synthetic and ester based products for use in a wide range of fermentation processes. Whether your process is aerobic or anaerobic or whether your media is fungal or bacterial. Whether you are working at the laboratory scale or industries; we have the defoamer to fit your process. Dew fermentation defoamers are non-toxic to fermentation media and do not inhibit oxygen transfer.

Fermentation Industries Served:

  • Enzyme
  • Amino Acids
  • Lysine
  • Citric Acid
  • Yeast
  • Ethanol
  • Gums


We perform defoamer testing using multiple apparatus to simulate the causes of foam in your system. Through recirculation, diffused air flow, mechanical agitation or chemical reaction we generate foam in our test equipment. Once we establish the most applicable test method and sample point in your system, we screen products for ‘knock down’ [ how quickly foam is dismantled ] and ‘suppression’ [ how long before foam returns ]. The optimum products excel in both functions. Our thorough defoamer testing process allows us to create the best possible custom product for your system.