We offer a complete portfolio of advanced environmental solutions and services spanning water, liquid & gaseous effluents, solid & hazardous waste and renewable energy, for infrastructure, industrial, municipal and household applications.

Protecting the future of our children and grandchildren requires a constant attention to the quality of our environment. We are all aware that pure water, clean air and energy are limited and thus valuable commodities. Hence, we all have the responsibility to handle these natural resources in a careful and sustainable way.

At Dew we offers environmental services and solutions to both homes, industry and municipalities. With a proven track record and an excellent reputation with municipalities and industrial clients, such as pharmaceuticals, automotives, breweries, beverage and food industry, chemical and petrochemicals, etc. Dew is a leader in waste water treatment.

At Dew, we bring you total environment solutions - water treatment, liquid waste treatment & recycle, air pollution control, solid & hazardous waste management and generation of energy from waste.

Specialists in water and waste water treatment for over two decades, we offer total water solutions for industry, homes and communities. Integrating technologies, design engineering and project management capability, we take end-to-end responsibility - planning, integrating and managing water on supply, quantity, quality, discharge and environmental fronts. Showing the world that water investment are for our future.

Also manufactured a range of speciality chemicals with environment friendly chemicals substituting the chemicals used by standard industry to save the environment.